The best traditions of Russian winemaking


Origins of Tamanian viticulture lie in high antiquity, in 6th century before Christ and stem from the ancient Greek settlement which was situated on the Taman Peninsula, not far from present-day Taman stanitsa. Modern researchers, however, believe that grape vines took root in Taman even before the settling of ancient Greeks in this area yet grapes were small and sour. Locals had interbred grape vines, brought from Hellas, with the vines of native grape variety and began to grow new amber large and sweet grapes throughout the area. The story runs that it took the vine several centuries to get acclimatized, accustom and completely root on the Taman Peninsula.

In the late 18th century the Taman was colonized by Zaporozhean Cossacks who inherited from their predecessors gardens and vineyards. At the direction of military commanders plantations were given out to the Cossacks with orders to nurse and cultivate them. The Russian winemaking may be said to have actually arisen from this moment.

The transformation of the Taman into the «Soviet Champagne» began in 1957 when it had been decided to establish in the Temryuksky district an industrial facility for viticulture and winemaking. The fame of the stanitsa as a wine capital resounded throughout the country. In 1959 the Taman caught up and overtaken the French Champagne in regards to the area of the vineyards. In the 60’s the area of the vineyards in the Krasnodar Krai was up to 66 thousand hectares. And as early as in 1970 the Kuban provided the country with 530 thousand tons of fruits and grapes representing 33 percent of all procurements in the Russian Federation.

It is back to this crop year that the winery «Tavinco» traces its history, when in the Taman, in the Starotitarovskayastanitsa the first stone has been laid in the foundation of the bottling cellar. For over 45 years our enterprise has been developing and making its contribution to the history of viticulture and winemaking of the Taman Peninsula.

Over the last 10 years the winery has been fully modernized, the number of bottling lineswas increased, to the pre-existing bottling lines were added bottling line for effervescent wines and the most advanced automatic bottling line KRONES (Germany) with a productivity rate of 12 000 bottles per hour. The tank farm has been substantially upgraded and nowadays its capacity amounts to more than 10 million liters, the wine is stored in the stainless reservoirs with a volume of 600 – 30 000 dekaliters.

The wine stock floor is supplied with appropriate equipment for heating of wine materials. For the stabilization of wine to the crystal haze the most advanced Italian Padovan ion exchanger is used – it is a high-tech equipment which allows to perform heating in flux. Filtration of wine materials is carried out with the use of modern equipment and diverse eco-friendly and top-quality filter mediums. Membrane filtering is used while bottling.

The new finished product storage with a total space of more than 1455 square meters has been placed in operation. And what’s the most important – in 2006 there was established the agricultural enterprise «Vine of the Taman» which consolidated all vineyards of the «Tavinco» group.

Our vineyards are situated at a height of 300-350 meters above the sea level on the hilly plains of the Taman Peninsula. It is the unique territory located on the famous 45th parallel (it intersects the French Bordeaux, Italian Turin and North American Oregon) and wind-blown by the breezes form the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov. The soil here is perfect for growing high-quality grape varieties. Moreover, the Taman is the sunniest place in the Krasnodar Krai including the Black Sea coast. There may be on to 285 sunny days a year in Taman which has positive effect on the quality of the local grapes rendering them a special touch. So far, the total area of the fruitful and new vineyards is up to 480 hectares. Further 305 hectares of farmland are being prepared for bedding and cultivating of new vines.

The viticulturists of the Company are very meticulous about the renewal of the traditional Russian grape varieties and constantly increase quantity of vines of such grape varieties as Krasnostop, Dostoiny, Vladimir, Dmitry, Kurchansky. In December 2016 there were bedded yet another indigenous grape variety - CitronnyMagaracha. Quantity of classic varieties such as Chardonnay, Bianca, Pinot Blanc, Saperavi, Cabernet-Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, GöcsejiZamatos is also constantly increasing. In December 2016 there were bedded vines of Riesling and Pinot Noir grape varieties. In the process of bedding of the vineyards nursery plants from the best transplant nurseries in Europe and Russia are used.

All our wines have their own history which is inextricably connected with the history of Russia, its traditions, heritage and fate and fortunes of people who devoted their lives to winemaking. The highest quality and magnificent organoleptical properties of our wineshave been repeatedly confirmed with the results of diverse Russian and foreign wine-tasting competitions.

480 ha

Area of vineyards

82984320 l./year

Production capacity

55000000 bottles / year

Volume of production