The best traditions of Russian winemaking


The “TAVINCO” winery is one of the largest Krasnodar’swines producers of integrated works equipped with the first-class facilities, with production capacity of the high-quality wines over 50 million liters annually.

Theproduction facilitiesareplacedin the indoor space;the total space of premises reaches up to 5.744sq.m. The total general modernization of the winery was completed in 2014-2015, the tank farm has been increasedthrice and it reaches up more than 10 million litersnowadays. The total production capacity is almost63 million liters.

The winery had been already equipped with 6 bottling lines, and a while ago there was installed the latest automatic bottling line “KRONES” (Germany) with production capacityof 12 000 bottles/h that gives us the possibility to produce high-quality wines and drinksuninterruptedly.

We are constantly increasingtheproduction capacities of the winery, providing it with the innovative equipment and expanding the tank farm’s capacity.

The team of the highly skilled oenologists is continually working forthe perfection of the quality of our wines.

The wines’ workshop is rigged by the necessary equipmentforthe heat treatment of wines; also it is using the latest ion-exchanger, the high-tech equipment, for stabilization of wines from crystal haze, that allows to realizethe heat treat process in flux.

Winefiltrationgoesonthelatest modern equipment by using different ecological and high-quality filter-medium; we use membrane filtering for bottling.

The quality of wines is controlled on all the production stages (including the reception of grapes) by winery’s authorized laboratory rigged by the latest modern installations.

The oenologists select the bottle from each lotwhich is stored in the warehouse of the laboratory samples.

Our staff is highly qualified and well experienced, our oenologistsgraduated from the most prestigious wine institutes of Russia and Europe.

The warehouse of finished goods is 1455sq.m.and it has beenimproved and equipped withthe newest technological facilities.

The finished goods are stored on the special shelves. We use the subbottommethod for storage and transportation.

We supply our products directly to the federal and regional sales networks of the country such as Auchan, Atak, X5 Retail Group, AlyyeParusa, Magnit, Billa, Krasnoye&Beloye, Miratorg, Sem’ya and many others, that obviously guarantees the high quality of our wines which are recognized and much appreciated by Russian consumers.