The best traditions of Russian winemaking

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Wine producer «TAVINCO» (SLL «The Tamanian wine company - Kuban») is situated/resides on the coast of the Taman Peninsula of the Krasnodar Region in the Starotitarovskayastanitsa, one of the most propitious locations for wine production.

Viticulture exists on the territory of the TamanPeninsula for more than two thousand years since time of the early Greeks. Back at the time inhabitants of the Hellas hadhybridized their own brought over grape vine with the local vines and began to grow new amber large and sweet grapes throughout the area. From then onwards winegrowing on the territory of the Taman have been constantly advancing especially in the sub montane and littoral areas where warm climate and abundant sunshine always prevail.

During production of wine our company preserves the history and traditions of the best Taman winemakers whereas using modern world-class technologies.

For purposes of cultivation of the vineyards and wine production the most advanced facilities are used which makes it possible to ensure the highest quality and magnificent organoleptics of our wines.

Capacities of our winery are constantly increasing, tank farm is expanding, newest fully-modernized manufacturing equipment is purchased. Our team of the highly experiencedenologists maintain continuous work on improvement of quality of our wines.

Our Company’s mission – is to produce Russian wines of the highest possible standard and quality encompassing age-old traditionsof Russian winemaking and the best world-class technologies.