The best traditions of Russian winemaking

The best from the Russian wines

From December 9ththrough December 11th, 2016«The Golitsyn’s Festival of Russian wines» took place in Moscow (the building of the Ministry of Agriculture, «Teplitsa» gallery).

SLL«The Tamanian Wine Company — Kuban» («Tavinco» winery) has participated in this mega event.

«The Golitsyn’sFestival of Russian wines»is afocused event for sommeliers, restaurateurs and wine critics which givesa chance to get acquainted with wines of domestic producers of different styles and areas, to make wine lists. Many wines which had presence at the Festival were highly appraised by eminent domestic and foreign experts and got medals of the international competitions.

SLL «The Tamanian Wine Company - Kuban» («Tavinco» winery) participates in theFestival not for the first time andannually features its best wines for visitors and presents specialties. This year thewines of the geographical denomination were presentedfor the attention of experts and wine drinkers: the wines from the «Wine of the Russian Land»premium series and novelties from the«50/50»series.

«Wine of the Russian Land» is the limited series of wines made from selected grapes from the best«TAVINCO» vineyards spread out between two bays in a picturesque place on sunnyhillsides of the Taman Peninsula. Individual number of each bottle not onlyemphasizes the exclusiveness of the series, but also is the quality certificate of production and the additional counterfeit protection.

The new «50/50» wine series is distinctive in the equality of proportions since most often in blendsof several varieties of wines one of the varieties always prevails.Enologists of «Tavinco» wineryhavegone to the length of an experiment, relying on own propermany years’ experience, professionalism and creativity. In this new series there are four blending wines which suit the most refined taste.

Within the framework ofthe Festival a tasting competition with a jury, consisted of the leading wine experts, purchasers from the networks and the sommeliers, was conducted. Following the results of the competition the Highest award –first place diplomas were granted to "Chardonnay. Wine of the Russian Land" and "Cabernet Sauvignon – Cabernet Franc. 50/50".


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