The best traditions of Russian winemaking

«Tavinco» wines are the best production of the year!

Within the framework of the exhibition «PRODEXPO – 2017» thetasting competition «The best product — 2017» supervised by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation where the best wines were awarded by medals and diplomas had been conducted. Production of the SLL «TWC-Kuban» has won several prestigious awards: gold medal of a competition - semi-sweet redwine«Cabernet Sauvignon» of the «Ancient Taman» series. Silver medals - have noted four names at once: wine of the geographical denomination dry white «Chardonnay» of the «TAVINCO RESERVE» series, wine of the geographical denomination dry red «Cabernet Franc» of the «TAVINCO RESERVE» series, wine of the geographical denomination dry red «Cabernet Sauvignon – Cabernet Franc» of the «50/50» series, wine of the geographical denomination semi-sweet white «Pinot Blanc – Chardonnay» of the «50/50» series.

The testing competition «Metropolitan Style – 2017» has united 219 leading enterprises of alcoholic branch, more than 900 drinks from 24 countries across the world have been presented at the competition. Traditionally gold medal of the competition has been won by wine of the geographical denomination from the premium-limited series «Wine of the Russian Land. Chardonnay» 2014, white dry. The second gold medal hasbeen won by the wineof the new series«Ancient Taman. Saperavi» 2015, red dry. The silver medal of the competition has been awarded to the tablesemi-sweetred wine «Merlot» of the «1970» series.

For the reference: SLL«The Tamanian Wine Company — Kuban» («TAVINKO») traces its historyfrom 1970 when in the Taman, in the Starotitarovskaya stanitsa the first stone has been laid in the foundation of the bottling cellar. Today SLL«TheTamanian Wine Company — Kuban» («TAVINKO») is one of the largest producers of the Krasnodar wines of a full cycle using the best modern technologies in the processing. Pride of the winery – own vineyard «Vine of the Taman” located at the height of 300-350 meters above sea level on hilly plains of theTaman Peninsula. The area of the used vineyards is 480 hectares.

Production capacity makes 63 million bottles per year. Among the equipment of the winery there are 7 bottling lines (including the latest KRONES line with a productivity of 12000 bot. / hour) providing uninterrupted production. The tank farm intended for fermentation and storage of wine makes more than 10 million liters.


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