The best traditions of Russian winemaking



Category: Table wine

Region: Russia, Taman

Type: Dry

Color: Red

Variety split: Saperavi

Alcohol, %: 10-12

Sugar, g/dm³:

Volume, ltr.: 0,75

Series: «Ancient Taman» series

Tasting characterization:

The color is dark-garnet with shades of purple. This wine is notable for its intense aroma of dried plum with notes of black currant and dried fruit. The flavour is full and extractive with a creamy afterglow.

Serving temperature and gastronomy:

Recommended to be served at a temperature of 15-20 C. It goes well with veal and lamb meat, newly-baked bread and mixed cheese.

Серия «Ancient Taman» series

Ancient history of the Taman is full of interesting and mysterious things.

It has been proved that the Taman is one of the most ancient focuses of human’s origin in Europe. The viticulture has been developing in this region for more than 2 000 years already. The «Ancient Taman» series combines caring and reverential attitude to the traditions of winemaking of the Taman region.

480 ha

Area of vineyards

82984320 l./year

Production capacity

55000000 bottles / year

Volume of production