The best traditions of Russian winemaking

Russian Tavinco Classical

Russian Tavinco Classical

Category: Wine drink aerated

Region: Russia, Taman

Type: Semi-sweet

Color: White

Variety split: White grades of grapes

Alcohol, %: 8

Sugar, g/dm³: 45-55

Volume, ltr.: 0,75

Series: Russian Tavinco

Tasting characterization:

The color is from light-straw to golden. The aroma is developed, thin, about a combination of flower aroma. Taste is full, soft, harmonious.

Serving temperature and gastronomy:

Drink discloses the best qualities at a temperature of 8-10 °C. Excellent aperitif, is successfully combined with wide scale of snack and easy desserts.

Серия Russian Tavinco

Russian Tavinco  is the invariable guest of festive feasts. Its traditional fresh taste is associated with the most remarkable events and holidays: New Year, wedding, anniversary. Drink possesses a beautiful and long game in a glass, delicate fruit aroma and gentle taste.

480 ha

Area of vineyards

82984320 l./year

Production capacity

55000000 bottles / year

Volume of production