The best traditions of Russian winemaking

Muscat White

Muscat White

Category: Table wine

Region: Russia, Taman

Type: Semi-sweet

Color: White

Variety split: Muscat White

Alcohol, %: 10-12

Sugar, g/dm³: 35-45

Volume, ltr.: 0,75

Series: «The Taman winery» series

Tasting characterization:

The color is inimitable gold. In the bouquet flowery and honey notes and notes of tropical fruits prevail. The flavour is well-balanced, harmonious with refreshing citron hints and pleasant sweet afterglow.

Serving temperature and gastronomy:

Recommended to be served chilled to a temperature of 10-12 C. The wine serves as a magnificent supplement to soft-ripened cheeses, nits, white fruits, diverse desserts.

Серия «The Taman winery» series

What is the Taman winery? The Taman winery is own proper vineyards, the most advanced equipment and cherished traditions of Kuban winemaking. The best characteristic of this wine series is the best value for money.

480 ha

Area of vineyards

82984320 l./year

Production capacity

55000000 bottles / year

Volume of production