The best traditions of Russian winemaking



Category: Table wine

Region: Russia, Taman

Type: Dry

Color: White

Variety split: Rkatsiteli

Alcohol, %: 10-12

Sugar, g/dm³:

Volume, ltr.: 0,75

Series: «Caucasian coast of the Black sea» series

Tasting characterization:

Made of Rkatsiteli grapes. The color is light-straw. The bouquet is floral-honey. The flavour is mild, amazingly light and harmonious with notes of grapefruit and flowers. The afterglow is longstanding with citron hints.

Serving temperature and gastronomy:

It goes well with vegetable dishes and grilled fish. Recommended to be served chilled to a temperature of 10-12 C.

Серия «Caucasian coast of the Black sea» series

The Black sea coast has been considered the cradle of viticulture and winemaking for many centuries. The south of Russia is famous for its nature, mountains, rivers and the sea. There are more than 280 sunny days per year which allows our vines to absorb all warmth of this southern region.

«Caucasian coast of the Black sea» series is a series of high-quality wines, made of selected grapes, gathered by hand on the territory of the Caucasian Greater Black Sea area. In the series there are 4 wines made of traditional southern grape varieties: Rkatsiteli, Krasnostop, Aligote and Saperavi notable for their astonishing organoleptical qualities.

480 ha

Area of vineyards

82984320 l./year

Production capacity

55000000 bottles / year

Volume of production